Calgary Chinese Alliance School

E-transfer notice
  • Parents can submit the registration form through the class teacher;
  • Please email the full year tuition fee to:
  • Please fill out the following information in the message section:
 a. Email address
  b. Student’s name
c. Student’s current grade
d. Department that the student belongs to (Cantonese/Mandarin)
  • 家長可透過班主任呈交註冊表。
  • 請將全年學費電郵至:
  • 請在留言欄中填寫以下資料:
a. 您的電郵地址
b. 學生姓名
c. 學生現在就讀班級
d. 學生所屬學部(Cantonese/Mandarin)
**Parents are requested to clearly indicate the required items above to reduce our tracking time and the chance of mistakes. Thank you for your cooperation! **

INTERAC e-Transfer

We now accept electronic payment via INTERAC e-transfer. Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Login online or via mobile banking at your participating financial institution and choose Interac e-Transfer.

Step 2

Set up a new contact and add Chinese School using the email:

There is no need for a security question as our bank account has an Autodeposit feature enabled so no password is required for the e-transfer.

Step 3

Confirm and press “Add”.

Step 4

You are now ready to send money to Chinese School!

Step 5

Enter the amount you wish to transfer.

Step 6

Scroll down the web page to the bottom, where you will find the
Chinese School E-Transfer Form”.

Enter in your details.

Chinese School E-Transfer Form - 卡城華人宣道學校 電子轉賬

Email Address - 電郵地址:
Student's Name - 學生姓名:
Grade - 學生現在就讀班級:
Language - 學生所屬學部:

Message for e-transfer:

Step 7

Click the "Copy" button

Step 8

On your e-Transfer screen , "Paste" details in the Message Box

The message will include your email address, language, grade, and the student's name.

Step 9

Ensure that the information in the “recipient” section and “message box” are accurate. Then, press the “Next” button to finish the process

Recipient email is

Need help? Email our school office at or call (403) 274-7046, we are happy to walk you through the process over the phone.