Student Ministry

Grades 7-12 & University/College

Student Ministry at CCAC is for students from grades 7 through University and College.  There are a number of fellowships (ROCK, and Lifehouse), Sunday School experiences, and one Sunday service that the students attend (English Service).  Our hope is to see young people discipled into fully committed followers of Jesus in a way that connects authentically with who God has made each generation to be.  Students will engage with traditional spiritual disciplines involving: the Bible, worship, prayer, community, inter-generational relationships.  These spiritual disciplines are rooted in Biblical teaching and dreamed anew in creative experiences and expressions authentic to a growing generation and community.  

Find more information about ROCK, Lifehouse and Youth Sunday School below:


 "ROCK" is our youth fellowship for junior and senior high students.  This is a Christian community that centers itself around Jesus Christ.  We learn about His life and teachings and how that leads to a deeper peace in our lives as students.  Our fellowship participates with Jesus in learning to love one another and our communities more deeply.  We study the Bible with focus.  We play hard and learn to laugh well together.  We pursue honest relationships with God and one another.  Counselors intentionally build deep Christian friendships with a small group of ROCK students through the year to help guide, counsel and teach youth about Jesus.

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Grades 7-12

Fridays @ 7pm to 9pm for online meeting ⎮ 6pm to 8pm for in-person meeting (Sept.17th Kick-off)
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 "Lifehouse" is our college and university aged Lifegroup.  In Lifehouse, we find that our fullest life is lived with Jesus Christ as our central focus!  Come explore Jesus with us in: Bible, worship, service, relationship, fun, food and friends!  Our personal and communal lives are lived relationally with Jesus Christ as the central person.  With Jesus, our 'house' is strengthened in: love, hope, faith, joy, peace, patience and self-control.  Come join us Friday evenings 7:30-9:30pm as we learn to be a House under Christ together! 

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University & College

Fridays @ 7:30pm
Weekly locations & info available on Facebook. 

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Youth sunday school

The Youth Sunday school is attended by those from grades 7-12. Our classes aim to take biblical stories taught in elementary grades further by connecting the stories to Jesus' life and God's plan for humanity.  The Youth Sunday School provides a structure for teaching God's Word.  The youth are given opportunities for discovery, review, and interaction as they study God’s principles. Currently, we are using a curriculum that covers the entire bible in three years called the Gospel Project. 

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Grades 7-12

Sundays: 11:00 am- 12:15 pm
Pre-registration required