Life Groups

Authentic Life Groups

We hope that people would experience loving, genuine, accountable, and committed relationships with one another as a result of their fellowship in Christ. A smaller community of believers who intentionally live life together, grow to spiritual maturity, and on mission.

Interested in joining a LIFE Group?

This guide will hopefully answer all your questions!

What Is a LIFE Group?

A LIFE Group is a committed group of individuals who function as a smaller family within the larger church family, living out our church vision together in Christian community.

So what is our church vision and how does it shape our LIFE Groups?

The focus of the life group is based on the Gospel: discovering the Gospel, being transformed by the Gospel, and sharing the Gospel. We desire to grow in our relationship with God through scripture, prayer, and the Gospel community.
Discipleship is key to the Life group. It is a community that intentionally seeks to follow Jesus together by seeking to be transformed by the Gospel in our everyday life. Life groups meet regularly in homes or at church, and are also encouraged to meet in smaller same-sex discipleship groups as well. Commitment, care, vulnerability, authenticity, and mutual edification are all a part of discipleship.
Mission is also essential to a Life group. Life groups are not just inward focused social groups, but have the intention to reach out to friends, family, coworkers, neighbours and those in need through the power of the Gospel. Life groups seek to multiply by growing, splitting and sending people out.

LIFE Group Leadership and Content

LIFE Groups will be led by leaders and co-leaders who are entrusted to direct and nurture the group in the vision of Gospel, Discipleship and Mission.

Leaders will be discipled and nurtured by the overseeing leadership of elders and pastors.

Content and direction for all LIFE groups will be aligned with the overall church and congregational vision and ministry direction.

Wednesday Night Lifegroup

Our life group meets every Wednesday in-person or online. Most weeks our group strives to deepen our faiths through guided discussions by means of book studies and manuscript studies. Each month we spend at least one evening to have a time to meet somewhere more casual in smaller groups, where we have the opportunity to share deeper with each other and pray in depth for each other and as we gathering we hope to experience the spirit work among us. We hope and encourage all our life group members to take their deepened faith further each week and bring more light into each of their individual worlds among the people they work with, the people they see on a regular basis and to the people they cross paths with the rest of the days of the week.
Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM
Small Groups once a month 

Thursday Night Lifegroup

We’re the Life Group that meets weekly in person or online to study scripture, disciple one another, and share life. A foundational verse for our life group is from Acts 2:42-47. Our hope is for genuine fellowship with the gospel being the core of our purpose and passion in life. Though we come from all walks of life and from diverse life situations, we want to encourage each other in our personal walk with Christ and in authentic community. We want to be transformed by His grace, and to learn and be equipped for the greater mission in making this grace known to others in our everyday lives. 
1st & 2nd Thursday each month - Online @ 7:30 PM
Large Group & Men/Women Discipleship Groups once a month

2-4-5 Lifegroup

Join us every 2nd and 4th Friday evenings of the month as we grow in our faith and pursue deeper community through monthly Bible study and various activities together. Folks of all ages and seasons of life are welcome!
Prayer request this year - We desire for wider and deeper engagement amongst our members in a way that can facilitate brotherly affection and spiritual growth.
Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month


 We are college students (age 18-25+) who meet together regularly on Friday nights! Our vision is to be a Christ-centred community growing in Godliness and living out the Gospel daily, Discipling others and Sharing the Good News with others. Come join us for Bible Studies, Sermon Studies, Dinner and Discussion, Board Games, Sports, Guest Speakers, Bonfires, and FOOD! 
Weekly on Friday nights 

Saturday Night Lifegroup

We are an intergenerational life group with the goal of COVID (Commitment-Oriented-Very-Intense-Discipleship). We strive to study the Bible and be discipled, no matter what age or lifestage we are at. We are thankful for the many opportunities to witness and experience discipleship in the different ages and lifestages of our group members.
Prayer Request: Please pray for more life group leaders to be equipped and empowered so this ministry can continue to multiply and thrive!
Every other Saturday from 5:00-8:30pm
Men/Women Discipleship Groups once a month


TLC meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 5 PM as a large group and once a month in smaller same gender groups. We are focused on living life together as we learn and grow as faithful disciples of Christ.
Please pray for us as we explore how to encourage more intentionality this coming year.
Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month @5pm
Men/Women Discipleship Groups once a month

Life Group Family

Life Group Family is a multigenerational group made up of singles, couples, and families with kids of all ages. We meet twice a month as a large group, with an additional fellowship time for men and for women once a month. We love studying the Bible, eating good food, serving together, and playing games (even though it can get a little competitive sometimes!).
Prayer request: Pray that each of us will be able to find a place to serve God using the gifts He has given us, both inside the church and outside the church.
2 Saturdays a month @ 5:30pm
Men/Women Discipleship Groups once or twice a month


Naomi Fellowship is an inter-generational women's gathering, whose name is inspired by the story of Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth. It was not just their love for each other but their faith in God, at the center of their relationship, that gave them hope for the future.  We meet several times a month in order to encourage each other through conversation and prayer to grow in our faith, love and community across all of life's stages and ages.  

Monthly Schedule:
Supper Club - 1st Friday of each month @6:30pm
Prayer Fellowship Online - 2nd Saturday @9:30am
Gym Fellowship - 3rd Saturday @9:30am