Pastors & Staff

Alan Lam

Lead Pastor of Cantonese Ministry

Alan was born in a family of five with two younger sisters. As a young child, he lived in Hong Kong. His family moved to Guatemala at the age of 13. He spent time living cross-culturally and learned Spanish. Alan received Christ as his own Saviour by the age of 19. After staying in Guatemala for 10 years, he went to Canada to pursue his studies at the University College of Cariboo in Kamloops.

He finished his degree major in computer science and mathematics while proactively participated in the International Ministry for five years. He sensed stronger and stronger that God was calling his life as a pastor.
To walk in the road of faith, Alan decided to move to Calgary for further studying at Ambrose Seminary after marrying his wife, Olga. They have two children: Arby and Abraham.

His goal is to motivate brothers and sisters to experience God deeper and deeper everyday and realize the amazing transformational power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

David Wong

Assistant Pastor of Cantonese Ministry

David was born and raised in Hong Kong. After graduating from high school, he received photography training in a professional school and worked as a photojournalist in a media organization for many years. Media work has broadened his horizons and trained the way how he sees things. Since David accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at the age of 18, he has been serving various positions in the church. He has particularly received the gift of God in Biblical teaching and organizing fellowships. He was then aspired to receive theological training and obtained a diploma in leadership and ministry from Ambrose Theological Seminary in 2018. Under God’s calling, he formally joined the CCAC pastoral team in March 2021, and he obtained a master's degree in Christian studies at Ambrose Theological Seminary in 2022.

David and his wife Linda have a son and a daughter. A family of four is passionate to serve in church. He quoted Joshua 24:15: "...But as for me and my household, we will serve the LOAD." as the motto of his ministry.

Ivan Loo

Assistant Pastor of Cantonese Ministry

Ivan was born and raised in Hong Kong. He got his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in Iowa, USA and worked in advertising for 4 years both in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

God called Ivan to become a teacher in 2002 and he taught visual arts for 14 years. Campus was his ministry field that he had the opportunity to serve his students and their parents.It was a God planned experience for him as he continued to equip in theology study. He finished his Master of Christian Study from Alliance Bible Seminary (Hong Kong) in 2015. He and his whole family moved to Calgary to finish his Master of Divinity (Cross Culture) from Ambrose University in 2018.

Now Pastor Ivan and his beloved wife Irene with 3 boys reside in Calgary to serve CCAC and the local community. Ivan and Irene have the passion to serve family and bring Christ’s value to every family.

Fiona Wu

Assistant Pastor of Cantonese Ministry (Part-Time)

Fiona was born and earned her Bachelor's degree in Education in Guangdong, China. Her journey to Canada began in 1993, and it took a profound turn when she experienced a life-changing moment of faith during an evangelistic film event. This pivotal moment led her to the CCAC in 2002, where she has been an active member ever since.

After engaging in various ministries, such as Caring and Sunday School, Fiona recognized a desire for deeper theological understanding, she embarked on part-time studies at Ambrose University in 2012. The year 2015 marked a decisive moment in Fiona's life when she sensed a clear calling to care for God's flock, prompting her to pursue full-time studies. In 2018, she proudly completed her Master's program in Christian Studies.

Driven by a passion for practical theological application, Fiona returned to campus while serving part-time at Chinese Christian Mission Canada. Her academic journey culminated in 2020 with the attainment of a Master of Divinity. Fiona embraced a full-time role at the CCM, and in 2022, she began volunteering part-time as a pastor at CCAC.

Fiona's commitment to walking alongside the elderly and the grassroots in society, sharing the love of Jesus, remains a central focus in both her professional and personal life.

Alongside her husband Benjamin, Fiona enjoys outdoor activities, particularly fishing. Together, they are raising two wonderful daughters.

Jun Cai

Pastor of Mandarin Ministry

Pastor Jun Cai was born and raised in Lanzhou, China. With her husband, Lixin Wang, and son, Daniel, who was less than one year old at the time, they immigrated to Calgary in June 2001. Three weeks later, Jun was touched by God’s love and received Jesus Christ in a Christian Conference. At the same time she was given a heart to live for Gospel.

Jun and her husband were baptized at Christmas 2002 at Calgary Chinese Alliance Church. She then entered Canadian Theological Seminary in September 2003. After more than seven years of learning and doing ministries, Jun was called to serve as Mandarin Ministry Pastor at CCAC and has been in that position since January 2011.

Seeking to live the motto, “Freely you have received, freely you give,” Pastor Jun has a passion to share the blessings of Gospel with others.

Samuel Ruigrok 

Lead Pastor of English Ministry

God loves a normal guy and Pastor Sam is most normal, but also most love by Christ.  He grew up in southern Ontario as a farm kid.  This means that he grew up outside and enjoys hiking and camping and seeing the glory and power of the Lord in our natural world.  He also grew up working and so knows and respects physical labor as something valuable and putting us in touch with reality and with our own short comings as people.

Church has always been an important part of life for Samuel.  He grew up in church, came to faith at a young age and was baptized when he was sixteen.  His call to ministry came as a young adult, and studied and served growing into roles of increasing responsibility.  His service to Christ rests upon this simple call, “Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by ceasing to pray for you, and I will instruct you in the good and right way.” (1 Samuel 12.23)

He and his family have lived in Alberta since 2009 and has been blessed to be part of God’s call to Chinese churches.  His three motivations in his reasonable act of service in Christ Jesus are; to glorify and enjoy God, our submission to the Scriptures, and mutual submission and affection in the church.  With that he also tries to help out around the house, read a good book, and remain technologically in the dark ages; these don’t always work out, but he tries.

Amy Chou

Part-time Assistant for Children's Ministry

Amy is the Part-time Assistant for Children's Ministry at CCAC.  She coordinates the kids programs at the church -- from screening and training volunteers according to Plan to Protect® policies, to gathering and preparing resources for different events, and even teaching and leading some of the kids' classes.  Amy collaborates with the Kids Ministry Committee to make sure each department is running smoothly, as well, she also works alongside the pastors at CCAC to ensure each congregation is updated about ministry events.

Amy was born in Taiwan but moved to Calgary when she was in grade 2. CCAC is the church she grew up in and over the years, she has participated in Children's Ministry as a kid and then as a long-time volunteer.  Amy loves to connect with the kids at church and really enjoys helping them grow closer to God!