Pastors & Staff

Rev. Jason Fan


Jason was born in Winnipeg, but raised in Calgary. He’s married to a beautiful girl that he met at CCAC, Claire, and has three gorgeous girls.

After finishing his undergrad at the University of Calgary, he went on and did his seminary studies at Ambrose University, and has worked for both church and non-profit. After serving for three years in Edmonton as the director of the Millbourne Community Life Centre, an outreach initiative in the South side of Edmonton, he recently returned to CCAC to serve in the adult and family ministries.

He has a passion for the truth and power of the gospel to be preached and lived out in the lives of believers everywhere, and equipping people to share their lives in meaningful and impacting ways with their friends and community.

On the side, Jason loves to play tennis, basketball, golf, and anything that involves the kids. He also loves a great cup of coffee, or trying a new place to eat. Feel free to call him up anytime!

Rev. Eddie Chu

Lead Pastor

Rev. Chu received his Master of Christian Studies from Regent College, Vancouver, his Master of Theology of New Testament from Princeton Theological Seminary, and his D.Min on Christian Spirituality from Gordon- Conwell Theological Seminary. He has served as the Senior Pastor of the Hebron Church (C&MA) in Hong Kong for 18 years before joining the Alliance Bible Seminary in HK as the Department Head of Pastoral Theology.

Rev. James Chuang

Lead Pastor

Rev. Chuang was born in China and grew up in Japan. He received his theological training in Prairie Bible College, Alliance Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary, major in Missiology. He and his wife Esther served as missionaries under C&MA in Lethbridge and Taiwan for 20 years, church planting and ministering at the Alliance Theological College. Rev. Chuang then served under Open Doors for 25 years empowering persecuted church leaders around the world while Mrs. Chuang pastored at Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church.

Pastor Jon Lim

English Lead Pastor

Jon was born and raised in Edmonton. He’s been joyfully married to Connie since 2002, after having met her at the Canadian Chinese Youth Winter Conference in 1995.  Connie and Jon have two hilarious and rambunctious boys, Christopher and David.

After finishing his undergrad in Education at the University of Alberta, Jon joined the pastoral staff of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (a parachurch organization reaching out to students) in Edmonton. He worked for 8 years pioneering an Asian Canadian fellowship. Still with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Jon then went into management and leadership serving as the director of Edmonton Ministry from 2008-2011, and then as the director of the Calgary ministry from 2011-2016.
Jon also took time to pursue a one year graduate degree at the seminary Regent College (Vancouver)  graduating in 2016.

In 2016, Jon heard God's surprising call to leave Inter-Varsity. In faith, Jon did so and eventually God surprised him with an invitation to CCAC.

Jon has passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared with all people in their native heart language. He loves seeing others become deeply creative in the ways they share God's love with others.

On the side, Jon loves to play music. He plays acoustic and electric guitar and enjoys listening to music. He is an avid reader,  particularly of science fiction and fantasy genres. He loves strategy video games and enjoys playing games with his boys.

Rev. Alan Lam

Cantonese Lead Pastor

Alan was born in a family of five with two younger sisters. As a young child, he lived in Hong Kong. He remembered his childhood having a lot of friends and fun.

His family moved to Guatemala at the age of 13. He spent time living cross-culturally and learned Spanish. Alan received Christ as his own Saviour by the age of 19. After staying in Guatemala for 10 years, he went to Canada to pursue his studies at the University College of Cariboo (now is called Thompson River University) in Kamloops.

Alan finished his degree major in computer science and mathematics while proactively participated in the International Ministry for five years. He sensed stronger and stronger that God was calling his life as a pastor.
To walk in the road of faith, Alan decided to move to Calgary for further studying at Ambrose Seminary after marrying his wife, Olga. They have two children: Arby and Abraham.

Alan is now working as a leading pastor in Cantonese at Calgary Chinese Alliance Church. His goal is to motivate brothers and sisters to experience God deeper and deeper everyday and realize the amazing transformational power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ivan Loo

Cantonese Assistant Pastor

Ivan was born and raised in Hong Kong. He got his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in Iowa, USA and worked in advertising for 4 years both in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

God called Ivan to become a teacher in 2002 and he taught visual arts for 14 years. Campus was his ministry field that he had the opportunity to serve his students and their parents.It was a God planned experience for him as he continued to equip in theology study. He finished his Master of Christian Study from Alliance Bible Seminary (Hong Kong) in 2015. He and his whole family moved to Calgary to finish his Master of Divinity (Cross Culture) from Ambrose University in 2018.

Now Pastor Ivan and his beloved wife Irene with 3 boys reside in Calgary to serve CCAC and the local community. Ivan and Irene have the passion to serve family and bring Christ’s value to every family.

Ivan likes arts and nature, and he and his family enjoy the great outdoors of the Rockies. At home, Ivan likes to cook, watch movies, and painting in his spare time.

Rev. Jun Cai

Mandarin Lead Pastor

Pastor Jun Cai was born and raised in Lanzhou, China. With her husband, Lixin Wang, and son, Daniel, who was less than one year old at the time, they immigrated to Calgary in June 2001. Three weeks later, Jun was touched by God’s love and received Jesus Christ in a Christian Conference. At the same time she was given a heart to live for Gospel.

Jun and her husband were baptized at Christmas 2002 at Calgary Chinese Alliance Church. Jun entered Canadian Theological Seminary in September 2003. After more than seven years of learning and doing ministries, Jun was called to serve as Mandarin Ministry Pastor at CCAC and has been in that position since January 2011.

Seeking to live the motto, “Freely you have received, freely you give,” Pastor Jun has a passion to share the blessings of Gospel with others.