Helper Training

Jul 1, 2021
This Wellness Bridge Helper’s Training is meant to help equip and prepare a person to walk alongside others as an extension of God’s care to those who need His comfort. Although we are all called to be comforters to those in need, it is often difficult and challenging to know how to respond and support others. Through this introductory training, we hope to provide some simple teaching and tools on how to get started.
Come join us in fulfilling God’s purpose of being comforters to those around us.

Helper Training includes 3 Video Sessions with a Helper Training Guide that includes
discussion questions as well as additional resources for reference.

Session 1 - Foundation for Helping: Biblical Principles
- Biblical Principles for Helping
- 5 Roles of the Helper
- 3 Mindsets of the Helper
- 4 Parts to the Helping Process

Session 2: Guidelines for Helping: Relationship & Limitations
- Ethics & Confidentiality
- Skills in the Helping Relationship
- Limits and Strategies
- Care for the Caregiver

Session 3: Knowledge for Helping: Mental Health Awareness
- What is Mental Health?
- Stigma & Mental Illness
- Mental Wellness
- Referral & Resources

For more information, click to watch Pastor Jason's video or view the Helper training poster and registration form.