Introduction to Wellness Bridge

Jun 1, 2021
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Hi my name is Jason, and I’m with the CCAC . And today we get a chance to introduce to you a new initiative called the Wellness Bridge. Over the past ten months we had a group of passionate mental health professionals putting together a proposal for the government of Alberta to approve and we received funding initiatives to make a difference in people’s mental, emotional, relational wellness. Especially in light of the pandemic. Today you’ll get a chance to meet some of the team working behind the scenes as well as learn more about this exciting new initiative.

Hi, I’m Angela and I’m the Wellness Coordinator. I am working on developing programs that will help us all grow in mental and spiritual wellness.

Hi, I’m Lulu and I’m one of the Wellness Cultural Brokers. One of our jobs is to research and prepare easily accessible resources for English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

And I’m Michelle. As Wellness Cultural Brokers, we are also preparing to outreach to Chinese communities with or without a faith background.

We have called this project the Wellness Bridge. Because God has given us the vision to work within the Chinese community and build bridges for mental and spiritual wholeness. In this past year we have all been pushed to our limits and this has put unprecedented pressure on every part of our lives.

We want to bridge helpers with resources so they are better equipped to serve those in need.

Stay tuned to our upcoming workshops which will address struggles that we can all relate to or identify with, such as stress, marital conflicts, challenges in parenting and anxiety.

We’re glad that you had an opportunity to meet us and hear more about the Wellness Bridge. Please pray for the Wellness Bridge and consider how God might be inviting you to be part of building bridges for mental, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Would you benefit from some training on how to be a more effective helper? Or perhaps you are interested in knowing more about mental and spiritual wellness for yourself or others? We hope that you will join us as we all move towards the wholeness we believe God has for us.

Please contact us for more information
Looking forward to meeting you on the Wellness Bridge.
See you soon!