A message from BOE Mar 29th

Dear CCAC Family -

You have been in our thoughts and prayers these past few weeks as we have all faced the reality of COVID-19. This pandemic has affected every country, every city, every community, and every person. Our prayer has been that God would turn hearts and minds to Himself during this time of crisis, and pour out His mercy and grace to all people. CCAC has continued to pray and discern what to do in this challenging time. How do we continue to care for and serve our brothers and sisters. And how do we act in the most loving and considerate ways to our neighbours and fellow citizens. As a result of our prayer and discernment, we want to instruct brothers and sisters to follow the guidelines and restrictions set for us by our health authorities and government. As a church, we will abide fully with these restrictions, understanding that this is the best way for us to demonstrate our support and contribute to the success of overcoming this pandemic.

Therefore, we will continue to cancel all physical services, ministries and gatherings until the end of May. At that point we will re-evaluate and make further decisions.  Pastors and ministry leaders will continue to focus on online alternatives, and other creative ministry practices. Please continue to pray for our church, our communities, our city and our world. And as always, please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, comments, or suggestions.

With much love and prayers,

Rev. Jason Fan, on behalf of the CCAC BOE
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