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by Bryan Lay on July 19th, 2020
Here are some updates from the BOE for church reopen Cantonese and English Sunday services are starting to broadcast the service live from church The church reopen task force will require more time to prepare for the logistic and to setup training sessions with brothers and sisters who will be serving on the worship service. The BOE agrees to postpone the date to August 9 for allowing a limited number of congregants to be physically present at church for worship service Due to the difficulty to transition between Mandarin and Cantonese Sunday services with physical gathering, the BOE agrees to delay the broadcasting of the service from church and reopening of the physical gathering of Mandarin Sunday service to a later date  Read More
教會重開計劃: 7/19
by Bryan Lay on July 18th, 2020
•粵語堂和英語堂已開始恢復主日崇拜的現場直播 • 教會重新開放特別小組將需要更多的時間來準備後勤工作,並與參與崇拜事奉的兄弟姐妹們進行培訓,經長議會同意,會眾可以參與實體主日崇拜的日期將推遲至8月9日 • 由於在實體主日崇拜,國語堂跟粵語堂的轉換會比較困難,長議會同意國語堂將推遲恢復主日崇拜的現場直播和推遲讓會眾參與實體主日崇拜  Read More
by Bryan Lay on June 22nd, 2020
隨着亞省政府上週宣佈經濟重啟計劃進入第二階段,在長議會多番討論之後,組成了一支工作團隊  Read More
CCAC COVID-19 Reopening
by Bryan Lay on June 22nd, 2020
Last week the Alberta government began Stage 2 of their COVID-19 relaunch. The Board of Elders...  Read More