April 2021

Monthly Newsletter

1. Enrollment Reservation for Current Students
Registration Period: March 27th to April 27th
Registration Procedure:
1) Log in to the registration link provided in the "April Newsletter" email;
2) Complete the online registration form for the current student(s);
3) Mail or submit in person the cheque for registration fee to the school office (please refer to the online registration form for the payable amount and the name payable to);
4) Parents are requested to complete the reservation procedure before April 27th (a fee of $20 will be charged for late registration).  If you cannot complete the reservation procedure within the above period, please contact the school office for the school staff to make separate arrangement. Otherwise, it will be considered as withdrawal for the student.

2. Parents are advised that the tuition fees for Chinese School were no longer considered as tax deductible amount since the tax year in 2017. If any change to the name of the receipt is required, please fill out the information at the school office as soon as possible. The tuition receipt for the next school year will be issued at the end of September. Please properly keep the receipt as re-issuance will not be considered.

3. April 3rd is Easter holiday.
Irene Hui
March 26th, 2021