2021 Sept 11th School opening (C)

[Cantonese Class]

Dear parents and students,

The first day of Chinese School is approaching. In order to let parents know more about the opening arrangements, please read the following:

1. First school day: On September 11, the school gate will open up at 9:15 in the morning, and classes will start at 9:30 in the morning. Please go to school on time. Thank you for your cooperation!

2. In order to avoid confusion for all, please wait in line outside the gymnasium door to enter the classroom according to the instructions on the Grade 1 to Grade 4.  Grade 5 to Grade 12 students please use the school Main Entrance the school, and there will be a sign for students to find the classroom.
3. According to the guidelines of the Education Bureau (CBE), except for staff and students, parents and visitors are not allowed to enter the school unless there is a special reason. Therefore, there will not be a physical opening ceremony on the first day of the school year. Thanks for your understanding.

4. The school will email all parents about the "Daily Health Checklist for COVID-19 Alberta" before the start of school,  parents are required to use this form to check the health of your children at home to ensure that your children will return to school when they are in good health.

5. According to the guidelines of the Education Bureau (CBE), all students and staff are required to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

6. For parking arrangements and guidelines, please see Figure. In addition, in order to avoid inconvenience to the neighbors, parents are kindly requested not to park their vehicles on the road outside the door of the house. Parents are also requested to first park their vehicles and then leave the parking lot in accordance with the instructions on the school’s traffic controller.
7. Finally, the teachers of each class will have a greet & meeting with the classmates through google meet in the morning of next Saturday (September 4). Teachers of each class will notify parents and students of the arrangements via phone or email before Wednesday. Parents are kindly requested to pay attention.

In order to allow parents to understand better about the school opening arrangements, a short video is attached (in Cantonese) for your knowledge. https://drive.google.com/file/d/183VlZ4dT7k2VcdPrgu0NaN1MQrotkYOn/view?usp=sharing 

Thank you and keep well!
Calgary Chinese Alliance School

27th August 2021