MAY 2022 (C)

Monthly Newsletter [Cantonese Class]

Dear Parents and Students of Calgary Chinese Alliance School,

The month of May has already arrived before you know it. The teachers’ conference is finished, and the students have returned to campus for classes for two months. Thank you to all students, staff and parents for your trust, patience and support. I hope that all teachers and students in the school can enjoy the last month of campus life.  Parents are requested to pay attention to the school information below:
Enrollment Reservation for Current Students
The enrollment reservation process for 2022-2023 school year has ended, thank you to all parents for your cooperation.  For those students who have not completed the enrollment reservation process, they will be considered as withdrawal by the school. Any withdrawn students who would like to apply to study at this school before the commencement of the next school year, their application would still be considered by the school subject to placement availability and a $20.00 late registration processing fee.

School Holiday
May 21st is the Victoria holiday.  No classes on that day.

Mandarin Examination
Grades 2 to 9 students will conduct the Mandarin examination on May 7th and 14th.  Parents are advised to remind your children to make efforts to prepare accordingly.

Second Term Examination
The second term examination will be held on May 28th, the scope of examination will be distributed on May 14th.  Parents are advised to remind your children to study accordingly over the long holidays.

Graduation and Year End Ceremony
The graduation and year end ceremony for this school year will be held on June 11th.  Details will be announced in the June newsletter.

Picture book Competition Awardees
Our gratitude to Mr. Bryan Lay for serving as the judge of the coloring competition. The awardees of the coloring competition this year are as follows:
Champion: Oscar Chiu(Grade 1-faith)
1st Runner-up: Mazie Kwong(Grade 2)
2nd Runner-up: Isaac Yuen(Grade 1-peace)

Solo Recitation Competition Awardees
Our gratitude to Ms. Terry Yuen and Headmistress Irene Hui for serving as the judges of the solo recitation competition. The awardees of the solo recitation competition are as follows:
Elementary (Junior Group) –
Champion: Bella Yip (Grade 3), 2nd place: Chloe Ng(Grade 3), 3rd place: Kason Lin (Grade 3)
Elementary (Senior Group) –
Champion: Mason Lin (Grade 5), 2nd place: Janice Ho(Grade 6), 3rd place: Jason Yu(Grade 6)
High School Group(Junior Group) –
Champion: Hayley Liang(Grade 8), 2nd place: Mathew Lo(Grade 7), 3rd place: Chung Kiu Lai(Grade 8)
High School Group(Junior Group) –
Champion: Josh Chiu(Grade 10), 2nd place: Andrea Tse(Grade 11), 3rd place: Hodos Chan (Grade 11)

Writing Competition Awardees
Awardees will be announced at the graduation and year end ceremony.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to ensure a healthy environment in our school. Let us work together to keep everyone safe.  If you have any questions, please contact the school office ( Tel: 403 274 7046; Email: ).
Calgary Chinese Alliance School
Irene Hui
April 29th, 2022