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General Upgrade Jan 13 2022
by Eric Tong on January 13th, 2022
Thanks Lawrence Hau to put up the blinds at the Foyer. Looks wonderful...  Read More
Sanctuary Renovation Update Dec 26, 2021
by Eric Tong on December 27th, 2021
...  Read More
Sanctuary Renovation Update Dec 2, 2021
by Eric Tong on December 2nd, 2021
Ceiling - Completed天花 - 完成Light - Completed燈光 - 完成Wall Painting - Completed牆壁油漆 - 完成Carpet - Shipping is delayed, schedule to start early January更換地氈 - 由於貨運延誤將改於一月初開始工程 Praise the Lord!!! We identified structural issue due to previous water damage. After consulting with structural engineering, it is recommended to replace the rotten wood and strengthen the support beam. This would add one week for...  Read More
Sanctuary Renovation Update Nov 6, 2021
by Eric Tong on November 6th, 2021
If focus too much on the rotten window frame, we will miss the beautiful world God creates.  Read More
Sanctuary Renovation Update Oct 28 - Ready, Set, Go
by Eric Tong on October 28th, 2021
Day 1 - October 28 - Scaffold is here第一天 - 10月28日 開始築棚架 Thanks to Brother Chap Wong to build the piano protection box感謝王寧集弟兄建造鋼琴保護木箱...  Read More
Sanctuary Renovation Update Sept 30, 21
by Eric Tong on October 14th, 2021
中文翻譯將在下週中上載Cantonese Ministry plans to use the West Sanctuary (Gym) for their in person worship service starting at 11:30am MST on Oct 24. This assumes the Main Sanctuary renovation starts on time the week of Oct 18 2021.  The overflow for CM in person service will be in the Banquet room in the basement where it will be live streamed.The expected duration is Oct 24 to Dec 31 2021, assuming constru...  Read More
Sanctuary Update 09-03-2021 禮堂報告
by Eric Tong on September 2nd, 2021
Back in Jul 2021, there was a special membership meeting where the Board requested CCAC members approval to address the ongoing risks with the up-keep and safety of ceiling...自七月特別會友大會通過維修禮堂計劃後, 長議會已成立維修委員會, 委員名單如下. Ben Yang - 國語事工代表 Stephen Kan - 粵語事工代表 Brooks Wong - 英文事工代表 Billy Leung - 財政部代表  Read More