Kidz Sunday School - Memory Verse Challenge #3

In our elementary Sunday School classes, we challenge the kids to memorize the monthly key passages from our Bible lessons.  There are a total of nine Bible verses for this school year!

The Memory Verse Challenge will be happening on Sunday June 27 starting at 11:00am on Zoom; this is the last time we will run the Bible memorization for the school year.  Log on to the same Zoom meeting as the online Sunday School classes.  Preschool and kindergarten kids can participate too, we will run theirs right after the pre-k Sunday School class before the older kids log on.

More information about the challenge rules and points system can be found in the email we sent out to all families registered for CCAC Kidz Sunday School.

We hope to see many challengers for the Bible verse memorization!  :)

Did you know...
The Gospel Project curriculum have songs for all the key passages in their lessons.
Click on the images below to listen to the Bible verse song on Spotify!

2020 Oct - Dec (1st Quarter)

October Key Passage

November Key Passage

December Key Passage

2021 Jan - Mar (2nd Quarter)

January Key Passage

February Key Passage

March Key Passage

2021 Apr - Jun (3rd Quarter)

April Key Passage

May Key Passage

June Key Passage