Sanctuary Update 09-03-2021 禮堂報告

Back in Jul 2021, there was a special membership meeting where the Board requested CCAC members approval to address the ongoing risks with the up-keep and safety of ceiling maintenance as it pertains to leaks, lighting build replacement.  As a result of the membership approval, the Board got the green light to execute the planning, and implementation on the Main Sanctuary Renovation committee.

Ben Yang - MMC Rep
Stephen Kan - CMC Rep
Brooks Wong- EMC Rep
Victor Lo - Admin Deacon
Billy Leung - Finance Rep
Eric Tong - Board Rep
Carmen Eng - Design Rep

Through the past 2 months, the committee has made progress on the planning and preparation of the renovation execution work on the Main Sanctuary.

Here is an update on a recent important development

1. Gone will be the wooden long red pews and replaced with modern, comfortable stackable chairs . The sanctuary renovation committee has selected the chair color (Black Marble).

2. Keep and repair the current ceiling

3. Further engaging with vendor for scope of work and contract agreement

We understand this could be a big change and please don't hesitate to let the committee know if there are any questions or concerns. Please continue to pray for this committee for wisdom in decision making and to represent the interest of the entire church.

自七月特別會友大會通過維修禮堂計劃後, 長議會已成立維修委員會, 委員名單如下.
Ben Yang - 國語事工代表
Stephen Kan - 粵語事工代表
Brooks Wong - 英文事工代表
Billy Leung - 財政部代表
Victor Lo - 一般事工執事
Eric Tong -長議會代表
Carmen Eng - 設計代表

在過去兩個月, 委員會在計劃上已取得一定的進展, 以下是一些重點.

  1. 座位將由長凳改為單一可疊起座位, 顏色由紅色改為黑雲石. 部分長凳已搬離了大堂.
  2. 保留及維修現有天花
  3. 與建築公司繼續在合約細節上商議

維修後,禮堂將有一個新的面貌, 委員會明白禮堂維修可能給弟兄姊妹大的改變. 如有任何問題, 請與委員會聯絡. 請繼續為委員會祈禱, 在任何決定上尋求神的心意.

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