Response to Alberta Government New Covid Measures (C)

[Cantonese Class] 

Responding to the latest epidemic prevention measures announced by the provincial government

Dear Parents and Students of Calgary Chinese Alliance School,

Last Saturday was the first day of this school year. Thanks to all of you, everything went as planned. The traffic flow in the parking lot was smooth and all classes went well. Students also enjoyed returning to in-person classes.

Although government has just announced on September 15th that Alberta is now in a state of public health emergency, the school is not greatly affected by the new measures. However, as we are using Calgary Chinese Alliance Church as our school venue, we need to follow gathering size limitation set by the government and act accordingly.

Hence, the school has decided to implement the following arrangements starting
next Saturday (September 25) until further notice:
  • Online classes for Grade 1 to 9
  • Grade 10-12 continue in-person learning

The school will soon send out the online class schedule and class code to Grade 1-9 students, so please check your email regularly.

To allow students to continue to enjoy a safe learning environment, please pay attention to the following:

School Pandemic Prevention Measures
Parents and students are requested to implement the following measures before class every week:
  • Prior to coming to school every week, students are asked to complete the “Covid-19 Self-Assessment for Albertans” to determine whether they can go to school or they should stay at home.
  • Students should sanitize their hands when entering and leaving the campus.
  • Students are asked to bring their own stationery, snacks and masks for the day.
  • Students are asked to stay home if they feel sick.
  • Parents and visitors are not allowed to enter the campus without special reasons.

Class Entry Arrangement
  • The school doors will open at 9:15 a.m. and classes will start at 9:30 a.m. Please arrive school on time.
  • On Sept. 18th, Grade 1 to Grade 4 students are asked to line up outside the gymnasium entrance (near disabled parking area) and follow the instructions to enter the classrooms.

Class Dismissal Arrangement
Parents of Grade 1 to Grade 4 students can pick up their children at the designated doors.
Students of other grades can leave school on their own at the designated doors.
Parking Arrangement
Only one-way traffic is allowed in the parking lot. Please refer to the diagram below for the parking arrangement:
To avoid causing inconvenience to our neighbors, parents are kindly requested not to park their vehicles on the road outside the access of the residential houses. Parents are also requested to park their vehicles or leave the parking lot according to the instructions by the school’s traffic controllers.

Home-school communication
  • Starting from this school year, if parents need to apply for leave for their children
  • (including personal leave and sick leave. For sick leaves, please specify the symptoms), please notify the school office by phone or email so that the school can handle it in a unified manner.
  • We understand that parents would like to be notified if there are positive COVID-19 cases in our schools, but starting from this school year, AHS will no longer provide us any information on the confirmed cases. In view of this, we hope that parents can notify the school immediately if a member of your family is diagnosed with COVID-19 so that the school can make appropriate arrangements in time to stop the virus from spreading, such as notifying the affected classes or switching back to online learning.
  • To protect individuals’ privacy, the school will not disclose any information about the individual or family diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Although the government has already announced that anyone who has had close contact with someone who has COVID-19 do not need to quarantine, we strongly encourage their family members to stay home and rest if they are feeling unwell or develop any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • In addition, our school will follow the practice of the Bureau of Education (CBE). If a large percentage of students are absent due to COVID-19 related symptoms, the school will immediately notify all parents and will return to online learning.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to ensure that the school has a good hygiene environment. Let us work together to ensure everyone's safety. If you have any questions, please contact the school office (Tel: 403 274 7046 ; Email: ).

Thank you and keep well,
Calgary Chinese Alliance School

Irene Hui
September 16th, 2021