July 2021

Monthly Newsletter

1. Farewell and Thanks to Teaching Staff
We have a number of staffs who are leaving us this year. On behalf of the staff and
students I would like to say thank you and farewell to the following teaching staff:

Sammy Cheung (Kindergarten), Vanessa Lee (Kindergarten), Cora Chan (Grade 1)
Christ Yeung (Grade 1), Rebecca Ko (Grade 4), Tammy Yuen (Grade 6)
Christina Shiu (Grade 9), Esther Chan (Grade 11), Herman Ng (Grade 12)

The school has arranged the teaching staff for each class in the next school year.
Details will be announced in the school opening notice.

2. The school office will be temporarily closed from July 1st to August 9th. We apologize for any inconvenience that might cause.

3. September 11th will be the first day of the new school year. 
The school will announce the specific arrangements for the new school year in mid-August. Parents are advised to keep an eye on the email notifications in due course.
May Everyone be Blessed with Health and Peace!
Irene Hui
July 5th, 2021