Here are some updates from the BOE for church reopen:

  • Cantonese and English Sunday services are starting to broadcast the service live from church

  • The church reopen task force will require more time to prepare for the logistic and to setup training sessions with brothers and sisters who will be serving on the worship service.  The BOE agrees to postpone the date to August 9 for allowing a limited number of congregants to be physically present at church for worship service

  • Due to the difficulty to transition between Mandarin and Cantonese Sunday services with physical gathering, the BOE agrees to delay the broadcasting of the service from church and reopening of the physical gathering of Mandarin Sunday service to a later date
If you have any questions regarding the reopening of the church, please contact Elder Gordon Kwok ( or Rev. Jason Fan (

Please pray for CCAC as we all continue to trust God during this difficult time.
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