September 2020

Monthly Newsletter

The new school year has just started again.  I wish every student will have a happy learning journey and make good progress in their study this year.  I also wish everyone stays safe and healthy!
1. Parents are requested to read carefully and sign the "School Rules" and "Notice to Parents" appended in the student’s handbook.

2. Students from Grades 10 to 12 must completely fill out the credit registration form and return it on September 19th, so that the Chinese School can process the credit registration matter with the school board. Late return will not be accepted and the Chinese School will not be accountable.

3. In order to strengthen the communication between the Chinese School and the parents, we will send out monthly newsletters or school updates via emails. If parents want to add or update their email address, please notify the school office at your earliest.

4. Parents are encouraged to log on to our school website for the latest news of our school.

5. Promotion of School Activities:

Discipline with Linked Hearts

parenthood education course (Cantonese speaking)

This is a discipline framework founded on grace and truth.  Parents and children start from knowing each other's true situation in their hearts as the basis to nurture children to be responsible people.

Speaker: Pastor Angela Lau (“Family Life” Chinese Ministry Representative)  
Dates: October 17th to December 5th, 2020 (Every Saturday, 8 sessions in total)
Time:  1:30 p.m – 3:00 p.m.
Venue: via Zoom meeting room

Registration Deadline: October 10th, 2020


家长讲座重温 (Mandarin speaking)


讲员:Angela Lai (亚省注册心理学家)
重温讲员:简育智Anne Kan (中信卡城中心事工统筹)
日期:2020年9月19日 (星期六)
时间:下午2:00 -3:15
地点:zoom meeting room
报名及查询:请致电 403-233-8763 (陈太) 或 电邮至
Irene Hui

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